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Assignments and commitions

Lars Gunnar Lingås 
(born 1947) PhD (Fil dr)

Norwegian Social Worker and Philosopher.
PhD (fil dr) from University of Gothenburg 1993. My dissertation dealt with Ethics in Social Work.
Author of several textbooks and articles on Social Work, Social Policy, Education, Professional Ethics and Humanism.
Former Secretary General of the Norwegian Humanist Association.
Elected Member of the Municipality Board in Holmestrand 1999-2007.
Freelancer since 1997. Assistent professor at Vestfold University College 2006-
Married, two grown children from former marriage.


Qualifying education

1993 PhD (Filosofie doktorsexamen) - University of Gothenburg
1986 Criminology II (advanced) - University of Oslo
1983 Supervisor in Social Work - Norwegian Union of Social Workers
1981 Candidatus magister artium - Norwegian School of Social Work
1973 Diploma in Social Work - Norwegian School of Social Work
1969 Criminology I (basic) - University of Oslo
1968 Examen philosophicum - University of Bergen
1967 Humanist Academy - Nansen School, Lillehammer
1966 Examen artium - Trondheim Cathedral School
Other educational activities

1997 Evaluation as a tool Counsil of Social Affairs (Stockholm)
1991 Supervision in Social Work, advanced training - Norwegian School of Social Work
1990 Social Policy and Social Work: Their impact in Times of Change and Crisis - IFSW (Buenos Aires)
1990 Teaching ethics
RSU (Counsil for Social Education)
1990 Ethics, Technology and Society - Nansen School
1989 New Technology and Social Work
Nordic Federation of Social Workers
1989 Trabajo Social y Derechos Humanos - CELATS (Quito)
1988 Values in Social Work - IFSW (Stockholm)
1988 Media Behaviour - Norwegian Union of Social Workers
1987 Human Service and IT Application - HUSITA (Birmingham)
1986 Social Work and Peace
IFSW (Tokyo)
1978-80 Planning of Community Social and Health Services
Ministry of Social Affairs
1977 Teaching and training Community Work
IEISW (Flumet)
1974-76 Nordic Workshops in Community Work
Nordic Schools of Social Work
1973 Research in Social Work
Nordic Federation of Social Workers

On seminars marked with I have also been giving papers



2005 -11 Assistant professor Vestfold University College
1997-11  Freelance
1993-97 Secretary General - Norwegian Humanist Association
1990-93 Editoral Director - Scandinavian University Press
1990-90 Lecturer (50%) - Sogn & Fjordane District University College
1987-90 Secretary Elected of Norwegian Union of Social Workers, resonsible for Professional and Ethical Affairs
1981-87 First consultant - Bærum Municpality, Department of Health and Social Service
1981-82 Lecturer - School of Social Work, Bærum
1980-81 Chair (50%) of Norwegian Union of Social Workers Department of Oslo
1978-80 Researcher - Norwegian Ministry of Social and Health Affairs.
1974-78 Lecturer in Social Work - The High School of Social Work Copenhagen and
Roskilde University Center

1973-74 Social worker - Department of Social Work, Nesodden Municipality

Assignments and commissions

2006-08 Vice President of Board Nansen Dialogue Network
2005-07 President of Board "White Buses to Auschwitz"
1999-07 Elected (relected 2003 ) Board Member of Holmestrand Municipality
1999-01 Head of Holmestrand Labour Party
1999-04 Vice President of Board, "White Buses to Auschwitz"
1997-99 Member of Board, Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers
1997-98 Member of Committee, International Conference on Freedom of Religion or Belief
1996-97 Member of Committee, Project on Religion, Conviction and Human Rights
1995-97 Leader, Committee for Human Rights in Iran
1995-99 Member of Board, Humanist forlag A/S (Publishing house ltd)
1994-96 Member of Board, UN-Association of Norway
1993-96 Member Ex Com,  International Humanist and Ethical Union
1992-02 Member of Counsil,  Nansenskolen (Norwegian Humanist Academy)
1990-98 Member of Committee, Scholarship Fund for authors of Non-Fiction
1987-90 Member of Counsil for Education of Social Workers
1989-92 Head of Counsil of Ethics, NOSO
1986-89 Secretary Elected of Norwegian Association of Social Workers (NOSO)
Member of Board and Head ofCommittee for Ethics and Commitee for Evaluation of
Professional Skills)
1983-94 Local politician (Labour) Municipality of Oslo

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