My books and articles are mainly published only in the Scandinavian languages, but some articles has been published in English. Those are listed below. Should you be interested also in the publications in the Scandinavian languages:
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Etikk i sosialt arbeid: fra regler til diskurs (Ethics in Social Work: from rules to discourse) - in Norwegian, English Summary, PhD dissertation, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg 1993, 268 p

Control and Coordination in Training Community Work Community Work Abstracts 17-18-1978 p 219-234), IEIAS, Marcinelle, Belgium 1978.

Community Work in Scandinavia, Community Work Abstracts 8-1981 (p166-219) IEIAS, Marcinelle, Belgium 1981.

Social Problems and Community Work: Levels of Cognition, Methods, Action and Strategies for Change, COMM 19 (09)-1983, IEIAS, Marcinelle (B), 1983 (p 59-71, p 190-201 and p 288-290).

Helena Blomberg (ed): Values in Welfare (The VAWE project), Chapter1: The Development of Social Welfare in Norway. Åbo Akdemi, Åbo, Finland 1993

Human Rights - in Search for a Universal Human Identity. Human-Etisk Forbund, Oslo Norway 1996 (18 s)

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